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Thread: reCAPTCHA with Multi Sites

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    reCAPTCHA with Multi Sites

    Hi all, I have a question and was wondering if anyone came across this as well.

    I have a multi-wordpress site with 6 Classipress Classifieds Themes and one theme as a landing page for my site.

    My issue is I have enabled the recaptcha on my classipress themes but I need to enable the recaptcha on my landing page "non classipress theme"...and when I do that I get an error on my site..

    Any suggestions on I should go about fixing this...It's a backway spammers can login...

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    Are you using another recaptcha plugin for your non classipress theme and if so then it must be some kind of conflict. You may try hardcoding it using the base recaptcha API used by Classipress.
    Please help our moderating team work more efficiently by not sending us support questions via PM. You can read more about how AppThemes support works here. However, you can send a PM to follow up and remind me if I missed your support request/thread.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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