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Thread: Website Network Bar for AppThemes Network of Sites

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    Question Website Network Bar for AppThemes Network of Sites

    Was curious if anyone thinks this would be a good idea. I've always liked the way certain large networks of websites display their other sites within their network (ex: Was curious if anyone knows of any WordPress plugins to have a bar at the top of your website with logos for each site in your network for people to click on? I have a feeling this will become increasingly useful as more and more people start to develop more sites based on AppThemes. If there isn't anything out there, anyone willing to develop it into a plugin?

    Would really like some outside input as to what everyone thinks. Useful or useless idea?


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    You mean a fully integrated user experience where a person can easily navigate.. say; go from a frontpage newspaper to the "classified" ad section then off to check the business listings to a local restaurant, then the local community forum before heading out to dinner with a freshly printed coupon? Nope. We have teckies in the theme world writing software like they think they are marketing people. It's like the mechanic thinking of driving the race car in Nascar. Sure he knows how to drive it around in the maintenance area but be probably won't win the race.

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