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Thread: Different Author Page As A Premium Feature

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    Different Author Page As A Premium Feature


    I have been searching the forums for a different author page and found this topic

    i am after the following:


    With this modification you will be able to offer a better service for who bought a membership pack.

    Make money with this modification. HOW?

    You can sell MEMBERSHIP PACKS for the users, and who bought a membership pack will have a different author page from who didn't.
    For user who bought a membership pack we can make a more professional page with more information that who didn't bought a membership pack. We can make a completely different layout, like a full width layout!
    however the topic is from some time back and no recent response from the author so i was wondering if there is anyone who could assist with a custom mod?

    The idea would be to allow site owners the ability to offer a premium upgrade perhaps in the way of a membership pack, when the membership page is purchased these members would have a different author page kind of like a mini store page where the authors could display some contact information, company logo, about us info etc..

    I think being able to offer something like this would help site owners attract business customers, where sites are being run as free to list etc.. its hard to make a return unless you can have premium features, for most allowing people to list an item longer or allow some extra images is not really enough for them to part with some money but i think offering something where they can have a dedicated profile page people would use that, i have put the question to some of my site users and they have agreed they would be willing to use such a premium feature the downside is i am no coder and from having a search around i can not see any plugins that offer this

    any suggestions how this could be acheived or if any one knows of a plugin that could offer this?

    thanks in advance

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