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Thread: *Lets Fight Spam* Restrict uploading ads to countries of your choice!

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    Lightbulb *Lets Fight Spam* Restrict uploading ads to countries of your choice!

    What does this plugin + modification do?

    You choose the countries that are allowed to post ads on your site. All other countries can use and see everything on your site, but they can not post an ad! You can even let them register, but they still can not post ads. Or you decide that they can not even register. If they click on a area or button that you restrict, they will get something like:

    we’re sorry, uploading ads on is only restricted to residents from XYZ

    Demo: (that site is resticted to visitors from Cyprus. Others will get a error message when trying to upload an ad.)

    There are plenty of more possibilities, but the standard is to avoid specific countries of your choice to upload ads on your site. Thats exactly what the installation instructions describes (pdf file inside the package). The visitors can do everything on your site, but NOT upload ads.

    Please Note:
    This will NOT work if you have a cache-plugin installed, like super-cache etc! Please dont even try it.

    BTW: In my opinion cache programs should not be used on a classified website. There are other ways to speed up the site, such as gzip or minify files. But that is only my opinion.

    Again, there are 2 ways to get this little "spam fighter":

    1. You pay me EURO 10.- to my paypal account and i send you the package including plugin and mod-instructions to install.

    2. You pay me EURO 50.- to my paypal account and you get the package + installation service from me done. I will need access to your website and hosting!

    I tried to make a detailed description for the installation including screenshots. If you can't get it to work you can ask here for help or choose my installation service even after you choosed #1.

    Before you pay, send me a private message to exchange our details like paypal account and your Email address, so i can send you the package.

    Greets Samcy
    Rolf Hassel (Samcy)

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    Hi Samcy, I am really interested in purchasing your plugin for 10euros. I just tried to send you a private message and it won't allow me to as it says you have opted not to receive PMs.


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