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Thread: Mod work quote needed

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    Mod work quote needed

    I need the following mods and additional features (hacks) done and am looking for a quote:

    1. Make WPClassipress work with E-Junkie so that sales can be tracked externally and an affiliate program through E-junkie can be created.

    2. Either develop a plugin that hooks WPClassipress up with Aweber autoresponder service or otherwise hack the existing system to work with E-Junkie and E-junkie's existing integration with Aweber. I'd like a "welcome" email sent as well as an "expiring ad" email sent at the very least.

    3. Mod the theme so that the listings show up on the pages in more of a hierarchial directory-style format rather than a running list.

    PM me your quote and details on a time-frame. Thanks!

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