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Thread: I would like to contact the author of this plugin.

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    I would like to contact the author of this plugin.

    Hello. I would like to contact the author of this plugin. I would like him to do some custom work from this plugin into the theme-functions.php file of V.3.19. Specifically adding the option to limit the number of times a 'user' uses a coupon code. I can see the code from both the plugin and the theme-fucntions.php file of V. 3.19. The new standalone plugin will not display this part in the backend of course, because of different named variables used. Thereby not affecting the original coupon panel. The plugin's admin.php file code needs to be added to the original admin

    If the author of this plugin already knows his code, he would then be able to easily identify the named variables in the V.3.19 theme-functions.php file. They are at Line: 1833 . The comment is on this line: "//stop if result is empty or inactive." If the developer of this plugin could add the line of code limiting the user's usages, using the same named variables within the theme-functions.php file, I would appreciate it with pay of course. Can you please pass this message along? Thank you. Or send me via PM how to contact? Thank you.
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