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Thread: Add custom class to extra custom form fields?

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    Add custom class to extra custom form fields?

    I'd like a way to append a custom class (customizable in the custom form options) to the label/form fields for the custom form options. I would like the ability to format my form a little differently, especially based on the different categories. For example, I have a Pets category which has a custom form for "Pedigree". I'd like the ability to set up the form to actually LOOK like a Pedigree (which can be done with custom classes or id's and some fancy css footwork.) Thanks!

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    no way

    NOPE, Rodeo. It can not be done. Silly girl.

    Always asking for the moon!

    Wait, hmmmmm....sure, now that i think about it.....

    PHP post maybe. Since the form page already KNOWS the category NUMBER by the time it loads the Custom form then the form div could load with a specified name or simply the Category number written dynamically into the ID. Even class names inside the form ID could utilize the Category number added into the class name as a prepend or append value to immediately refer to special form specs you already have written in the CSS file.

    In fact, now that I am thinking...there could be an Admin panel --a text area field where you drop in the modified CSS for the specific Category form of any category. Save and see that Category form respond "live".

    It would take jiggering with the core code at the moment.

    I think there are probably several other elegant ways to do this for programmers who really know php....or even do-able with jquery.

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