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Thread: If Statements for Categories

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    If Statements for Categories

    Anyone know the exact PHP code to change loop ad listings behavior based on categories.

    Let me clarify by using the soldout ribbon I found from samcy here.

    we have this:

    PHP Code:
    <?php if (get_post_meta($post->ID'cp_ad_sold'true) == 'yes') echo '<span class="soldout-ribbon-list"></span>'; else echo ''?>
    I understand it grabs the meta data and if sold is yes it shows the ribbon.

    Lets say we want to add a facebook share button for only certain categories. But only if it is NOT sold. How do we do this? I dont know the language very well so I will explain in english.

    IF cp_ad_sold, true = no AND the category is a,b, or c than "display facebook share button"
    IF cp_ad_sold, true = yes AND the category is a,b, or c than "display soldout ribbon list"
    IF category is x,y,z than 'display another span' a
    and if its anything else do nothing?

    Let me know if you understand (hopefully) or I will try to clarify more

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