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Thread: NO RESPONSE TO FORUM POSTING! NEW CUSTOMER- what king of service...?

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    NO RESPONSE TO FORUM POSTING! NEW CUSTOMER- what king of service...?

    NO RESPONSE TO FORUM POSTING! I am a NEW CUSTOMER and no-one will respond to my postings. I purchased a theme with NO SUPPORT!

    I would like to Create two separate category list.

    Categories - List services and buy & Sell in separate categories? 2 menu buttons. 2 Category Page templates.

    Is there a way to have 2 categories at the menu? I would like to list certain categories ( services ) in one menu item and all the rest in another menu item without having both sets of categories in both menu items. Examples..

    Menu one - shows all my buy and sell categories Menu two - shows all my services. This way its not too much under one menu item.

    Basically, I like the way the menu shows all the categories, I just want to split them up for two drop-downs. One for services, one for all the rest ( without services ) and the services not showing anything but services.

    With all my categories, the list is too much on the drop-down category on menu. I do not wish to shorten the list or have only a few categories showing. I would like to separate with two main category groups.

    Anyone please?
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