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Thread: reCaptcha Rendering

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    reCaptcha Rendering

    Depending on device, the google reCaptcha is showing up weird for some users. Some see a photo of what looks like house numbers.
    I just got a new set of 'keys' and still have this happening.
    It would be nice if ClassiPress updated this so we could have the new checkbox simple reCaptcha

    This from their site re the issue of weird photo showing up
    Some users are not seeing the checkbox reCAPTCHA widget, what's happening?

    Is the reCAPTCHA widget in the above example what your users are seeing?

    In some cases, the end user's environment doesn't have the features to support the checkbox reCAPTCHA widget. When this occurs, reCAPTCHA falls back to an alternative challenge. If you would like to test for this case, add the fallback=true parameter to the JavaScript resource:

    <script src="" async defer></script>

    What are the minimum browser requirements for the checkbox reCAPTCHA widget?

    Chrome 3.0.195
    Firefox 3.0
    Internet Explorer 7.0
    Opera 10.10
    Safari 4.0 "

    Be nice to have this:


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