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Thread: URGENT: Please help me!! :(

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    URGENT: Please help me!! :(

    dear all,

    i ve used classipress 3,1.9 and wordpress 3.2.1 for a while, everything was working well. I had done A LOT of customization thanks to good developers (i have very low knowledge). I made the error to upgrade the versions... I lost everything and since then (now 4 months) I cannot manage to put on track my website.
    I have Backupbuddy files but when I try to use it it says that my winzip is not readable (my zip is like 30/40 mo).

    I lost my database, and the problem remains the same when i try to upload my 'DB' file (from backup buddy) it says that the file is not readable or just that it is too big.

    Pllllease could someone help me on this matter i've worked for 10 months so hard, now I have lost everything. I'm really depressed..((

    Thanks for your support


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