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Thread: Category Depth and search

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    Category Depth and search

    I am using many listing categories and sub-categories. It looks confused, if I would show all at menu item.
    With "Category Depth" I reduced the deep of one.
    But if the users are selecting on of the sub-menu item, it will be shown all lists of this sub-menu.
    It would be better, to display in top of the list the different menu items from the choosen sub-menu item.

    For example:
    Main menu item "Food and Drink" an sub-menu "Restaurants" (Categories Menu Item Options/Category Depth 1)
    But it gives invisible sub-sub-menu: "Fast Food", "Chinese", "Indian" ...
    The user selects "Restaurant". All Listings in "Resaturant" will be shown.
    But only below the title of each lists he can see a small hint "Listed in Chinese".
    Now he knows it gives more option to select the right restaurant.
    Better would be, if the user could see after selecting the sub-menu item, that it gives some more selection options.

    Is it possible to make settings for this?

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