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Thread: Gallery Won't Open Properly / Pop Up

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    Gallery Won't Open Properly / Pop Up

    Today, I noticed when clicking on a photo gallery in a listing, that the images no longer open and float over the listing (with the typical x in lower corner to close). They open in full mode, with a black background, and require hitting the "back button" to return to the listing, for each image, rather than displaying a gallery with navigation. I then checked blog posts, and even on images coded with "open in a new window" they don't. Diverts away from the content fully. I've made no changes under the hood recently. Deactivated some non-critical plugins, cleared cache, tried in multiple servers and browsers, and it's the same -- opens to a full window with black background.

    Checked my dashboard settings, didn't see anything obvious. Have not made any recent changes under the hood. Thought it might be a Google Chrome issue. Updated, reinstalled Google Chrome, and galleries came back for 2 minutes and then disappeared again. Tried displaying gallery on Firefox, same problem -- images opens full screen, no gallery. Have to use back key.

    Tried using on another PC, same problem.
    What could be causing this sudden change?

    (And where are all the old Vantage Threads? I couldn't find any threads to research this issue?)

    See this listing to test:

    (I posted this in the wrong forum for 4.0+ but couldn't delete the thread, sorry)

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