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Thread: Listing and author completely disappeared

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    Listing and author completely disappeared

    Had a weird situation occur over the past few days - a paying customers listing AND their user account completely vanished from the site. They had been their for many months their payments were going through each month on time, they were set to featured and to never expire as they are a foundation customer.

    We can't figure out what may have triggered this inside of wordpress or vantage. Luckily we were able to recreate the listing as both listing and user were on our dev site. The user and listing were created separately and are only linked by way of assigning the user/author to the listing. I have tested deleting a user on the dev site in order to see what happens to the listing, but the listing lives on no problem even without an author assigned - that's a great fail safe with vantage. So.....this is a mystery.....HTF can both user and listing get toasted when there is no manual mechanism to do this that I can see?

    Any ideas where to look? I am suspicious that its a database issue, but want to eliminate if this issue has been seen before with any of the Appthemes themes, especially Vantage.

    Most appreciate advice, commiserations, ideas....

    Have a gr8 day everyone

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