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Thread: Indeed query in theme_indeed.php

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    Indeed query in theme_indeed.php

    I'm looking to edit the indeed query and just put my query directly into the theme-indeed.php file. I'm a sys admin, but I'm def no programmer. Any help would be appreciated!

    Here's the standard file variables:

    $keyword = urlencode(strtolower(trim($query[0])));
    	        $limit = $query[1];
    		$country = $query[2];
    		$job_type = $query[3];
    		$job_cat = $query[4];
    Here's what I believe would be the correct spot to edit the actual indeed query:

    $indeed_result = wp_remote_get(''.INDEED_VERSION.'&publisher='.trim($jr_indeed_publisher_id).'&sort='.INDEED_SORT.'&limit='.$limit.'&co='.$country.'&jt='.$job_type.'&q='.$keyword);

    I was thinking that I could edit the keyword variable definition as it's the "q=" in the indeed include the indeed items I want, but it doesn't work. I found did an advanced search on indeed's site, and extracted the "q=" string, and put it for keyword, but it doesn't work"

    For example:

     $keyword = ('clinical%2C+-therapy%2C');

    But no worky. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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