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Thread: How can I clone the job seekers custom post type?

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    How can I clone the job seekers custom post type?

    Hi guys,

    How would I clone the Job Seekers custom post type? I want to keep the Job Seeker post type and create Service Provider post type for professional service companies. They will perform the same services as an individual; however, they would not be submitting a resume. They could give a list of services that their team provides and instead of name I would like to replace it with Business name and some other minor changes. All of the information such as business name could go to the same database field as the Job Seekers Name field.

    I just want a second UI to be suitable for a business looking to provide a service for a customer along side the individual professionals.

    I have read about a plugin called "Custom Post Type UI" will something like this work in my case?

    Thanks is advance

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