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Thread: I want this to work - it just doesn't. Please help

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    I want this to work - it just doesn't. Please help

    I was looking for the More Membership to allow customers to purchase a membership for example 'Bronze Level 0 - 49 ads for $98 ' and another level at another price and so on (about 5 levels). I had everything set (or so I thought) and went to plug-in a second ad under my test account and it sent me to the standard Classipress section 'Ad Package: not selected'. As if it's clinging to the default. What am I doing wrong? Then I went to the Test account Dashboard and there's no package there any longer?? Previously, it said something like 'you have purchased a Bronze plan and have 49 ads available...' . ...I continued to try and resolve it, but...
    OK, then I changed the default to say "Your Ad Pack" and then it continued on. Then it still demands a 'Ad Listing Fee' for $2.00 and lists Membership: Free Posting (required to post)" which are defaults. I entered 0$ because the system kept adding a per listing fee ON TOP OF the More Memberships price.
    What setting have I got wrong?
    I really need this to work - Please help.

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