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    Hosting Partner Discount

    I just signed up with a hosting company you work with the other day and I sent my signup information into the promos account to get a discount code. Do they take a long time normally, have they died, or is that promotion offer not in effect even though it's on the home page. Just surprised they did not respond quickly when you have someone that wants to "buy". It's kind of a test, if you don't respond quickly when I am trying to "buy" then the perception as a prospective client is that.... "after" I buy, it will probably get much worse.

    Just FYI...

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    We are sorry to hear you have been awaiting a response. Hosting discount requests are generally processed within 24 hours (usually much sooner), and we currently do not have any outstanding promo emails to be processed, so if you wouldn't mind please emailing us here with details of the domain name you signed up with, we can get this resolved right away. Thanks.
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