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Thread: Is it possible to manually assign listings?

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    Question Is it possible to manually assign listings?

    Hi all-

    I'm a week into Vantage now and have sorted out much of what I need it to do.

    I still have one issue, though. When people come to claim their listing, we now and then "Publish" it, rather than opening it and accepting the claim. From what I understand, Admin's inadvertently quick-edit publishing the listing first, rather than opening it and accepting the claim actually removes the claim, sending ownership back to Admin. So, we have to go back and ask them to reclaim the listing(which doesn't look so professional).

    I did notice that the backend edit page has a manual assign "Author" function in the sidebar. Is there some model where we could assign all clients a certain role type so they'd appear in that drop-down menu("Subscriber" obviously doesn't enable this), which would enable us to manually assign them their listing edit rights, without giving them rights to edit ANY listing? If so, which permissions would they require in their role?

    I'm new at the roles/permissions functions, so I tend to leave them alone. I guess this is where I start learning!

    Please advise.


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