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Thread: translating "Sorry, there is only" message on single ad page

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    translating "Sorry, there is only" message on single ad page

    This text appears is on the single ad page:

    Components of it do appear in the "Source Text" list (i.e. left column) in Poedit. However, I tried translating one component of it (as shown below) and it didnít affect what I saw on the page above:

    I think this is due to the HTML of it being echo'ed directly, as opposed to using one of the special _e(), __() functions (I don't remember the exact syntax).

    I think the HTML is being generated by the function ft_vienna_mod($postID) inside functions.php of the child theme. Part of that function is shown below. Line 810 shows HTML being echoed directly.

    How (if possible) can I translate this string using a .mo file?
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