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Thread: States Field dows not change

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    Question States Field dows not change

    hi ,

    I want to buy classipress theme ....but

    while I'm trying to post an Ad ... in page "Submit Your Listing"

    when I changed the country to something else than United states for example... UK

    the state field does not changed and still show the same states.

    any help !

    sorry for the subject I can't change it

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    Multi-region dynamic category selection is not yet supported and may require additional coding to implement. However, this has been requested at the ideas exchange page of which you may vote for.
    Please help our moderating team work more efficiently by not sending us support questions via PM. You can read more about how AppThemes support works here. However, you can send a PM to follow up and remind me if I missed your support request/thread.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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    This is really a great idea and I have also voted there with three votes.But when this is going to be implemented

    The world is not enough for me

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