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Thread: WP Plugin request

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    WP Plugin request

    I'm looking for a WP plugin that allows me to add items with several stats to a database that I can then use to show in a wordpress page.


    Item Name:
    Item stat1:
    Item stat2:

    etc in a submit form

    that then allows the site user to search for items based on name, stats and/or description. The search results need to link to a 3rd party site tooltip.

    Or if you know of an online program or site that allows me to learn how to build this myself without too much of a learning curve (and preferably not cost a fortune), I'd be happy to do it myself. I know enough to use mysql, htmp, php etc, but not code things from scratch.

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    With special functions you mentioned I think no general plugin can do such currently and so the other option is to have it customized.
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    Thank you and have a nice day.

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