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Thread: To Multisite Or Not To Multisite... That is the Question

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    To Multisite Or Not To Multisite... That is the Question


    I'd like some advice please.

    I've never used a WP multisite setup before and so I've been doing some serious research into the pros and cons, and as to whether I'll even need it at all.

    I'm already running a classifieds site, and would like to add a directory so that advertisers could add an 'official' listing.

    The main advantage of running these through a multisite as I can see it, is that users would only need one logon for both sites.

    The main disadvantage as I can see it, is that the url's would need updating to make everyting look more aesthetic for eg: instead of and it would be and

    Or another option that just surfaced is using InfiniteWP, which allows you to manage multiple websites from one dashboard.

    If anyone has advice regarding this, your input would be most welcome!

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