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Thread: Prevent Freelancers use clarificationboard to submit their bid

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    Prevent Freelancers use clarificationboard to submit their bid

    Hi there,

    I have a problem with the Hirebee theme.
    Freelancers can simply use the clarificationboard to submit their bid.
    I p̣sted this issue before, AND all I get as an answer is, That professional freelancers really don't do such things

    The thing is that freelancers DO USE THE CLARIFICATIONBOARD for this. To avoid having to pay for submitting their bid.
    My husband and I had a demolition campany for years, so I really do know wants going on in that kind of work.

    Freelancers use the clarificationboard to submit their job!

    The way I see it, their are two options to prevent freelancers from using the clarificationboard to submit their bid:
    1. Either make the use of the clarificationboard payed. So freelancers have to spend an amount of credits to use it.
    2. Or make the clarificationboard function the way it does NOT ACCEPT NUMBERS.

    I have already tryed to achieve this with the help of a third party plugin, BUT NOTHING WORKS.

    Can anyone please help me?
    It is really importent for the Hirebee theme to function like it should.

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