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Thread: When user deletes listing it does not automatically disappear...

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    When user deletes listing it does not automatically disappear...

    Hello, I found something that is a bug...

    On a user's dashboard, where all the listings appear, if the user presses "Delete Listing" for one of the listings, they are given a popup that asks them to verify that they want to delete the listing. After verifying that they want to delete the listing, the "Delete Listing" text for that listing disappears. And that's it. It appears as if the listing has not been deleted and now the option to delete has disappeared.

    If the user reloads the page, the listing will then disappear.

    This is confusing for users. They may think that a listing they intended to delete has not been deleted.

    What I would assume would happen after pressing "Delete Listing" and confirming the desire to delete, is that the page would reload and the listing would be gone, or the header would change to "Deleted" until they reloaded the page.

    Is this a bug or how it is intended to be?


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